Your my dog’s best friend…. & my tipsy proof summer knitting project.


Yes, that is my Skylar with her best friend Stella. You can just imagine what those two girls are a scheming. Or are they dreaming of summer since the snow has finally thawed.

Now that the weather is warming, it is time to pull out from the closet my  “As-Large-as-it-Goes” garter stitch cotton blanket. It sleeps during the winter months in my beautiful handmade summer wicker basket I bought at the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival several years back created by a VA weavers guild. I like to bring the project to the beach. I just knit, knit, knit. It goes perfect with wine and cheese. A tipsy proof knitting project.



Buy cotton yarn of any color on sale during the winter months when it is sold for under 2.00 a skein. Cast on as large as you like. Mine is about 5 feet wide. Knit each skein in a garter stitch. Only change colors when the skein is completely gone. Sometimes I double the same color. Keep knitting until the ratio is about 1:3. This project is foolproof.


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