Lima Bean Crochet Trellis Pattern


Ohh, how does my garden grow
With lima beans
And crochet string
Up the way it goes!

I needed a trellis for my lima bean plant. After pricing several trellises out at the local Home Depot, I decided they were too ugly and too expensive to buy. I bought a ~ 2000 yard cone of cotton twine  at Bowen’s Farm Supply store for about thirteen dollars. I used maybe 300 yards to crochet this trellis.

Pattern: I modified the pattern below to create the trellis. I used a 21 chain, 11 stitch combo, with a 5 loop treble instead of a double crochet stitch. Instead of the trebles on rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. I inverted the pattern using the SC for the even rows and the 5 treble stitch for the odd rows.

So, … Look at my modified Row 6: *CH 11, SC st 11, CH 11, SC in 4th st of 5TR 5X, * CH 11 repeat …

Row 7: CH 21, 5 TR 11X into the top of the SC of previous row, CH 21, repeat.



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