Kitty Scratch + Alpaca Mess = Japanese Feather Shawlette

The cat played with my skein of alpaca lace yarn, which appeared unscathed until I started knitting. That’s when I discovered that the cat’s nails had sliced the skein in various places causing the yarn to break every so many yards. I salvaged about 600 yards of the ~1000. I used the ~ 600 yardsContinue reading “Kitty Scratch + Alpaca Mess = Japanese Feather Shawlette”

Grandmother’s Geraniums

Grandmother Emma, my Italian grandmother from Calabria, started painting late in life. Well, I don’t know that for certain.  She may have painted as a child, or may have painted as an adult while raising seven children. I just don’t know. But, I knew her to be a painter in her eighties. She had an easel topped withContinue reading “Grandmother’s Geraniums”

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