Kitty Scratch + Alpaca Mess = Japanese Feather Shawlette

The cat played with my skein of alpaca lace yarn, which appeared unscathed until I started knitting. That’s when I discovered that the cat’s nails had sliced the skein in various places causing the yarn to break every so many yards. I salvaged about 600 yards of the ~1000. I used the ~ 600 yardsContinue reading “Kitty Scratch + Alpaca Mess = Japanese Feather Shawlette”

Grandmother’s Geraniums

Grandmother Emma, my Italian grandmother from Calabria, started painting late in life. Well, I don’t know that for certain.  She may have painted as a child, or may have painted as an adult while raising seven children. I just don’t know. But, I knew her to be a painter in her eighties. She had an easel topped withContinue reading “Grandmother’s Geraniums”

Lima Bean Crochet Trellis Pattern

Ohh, how does my garden grow With lima beans And crochet string Up the way it goes! I needed a trellis for my lima bean plant. After pricing several trellises out at the local Home Depot, I decided they were too ugly and too expensive to buy. I bought a ~ 2000 yard cone ofContinue reading “Lima Bean Crochet Trellis Pattern”

Your my dog’s best friend…. & my tipsy proof summer knitting project.

Yes, that is my Skylar with her best friend Stella. You can just imagine what those two girls are a scheming. Or are they dreaming of summer since the snow has finally thawed. Now that the weather is warming, it is time to pull out from the closet my  “As-Large-as-it-Goes” garter stitch cotton blanket. It sleepsContinue reading “Your my dog’s best friend…. & my tipsy proof summer knitting project.”

Garden Pea and Sorrel Soup

Garden Pea and Sorrel Soup Saturday, I shopped the farmer’s market located in the parking lot of the MTA Park and Ride off Route 2 in Severna Park, Maryland. One farm stand offered peas in their pod. I bought a basket and a pint combination and shucked on Sunday. I grow two twelve inch terracottaContinue reading “Garden Pea and Sorrel Soup”

Skylar and I cool off at the beach and dream about lace knitting.

It is a steamy day in Annapolis, Maryland. My dog, Skylar, and I walked to the Winchester Beach to cool off.  The Winchester Beach is located on the North Shore of the Severn River – a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. Skylar snacked on discarded Chesapeake crab carcasses in the tall grass. I daydreamed ofContinue reading “Skylar and I cool off at the beach and dream about lace knitting.”

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